Project Deadline Passed

A supervisor has given you a project and asked you when you think you can have the project completed. You answered next Wednesday. You’ve worked hard during your usual 40 hours/week and next Wednesday has come but you have not quite finished your project yet. Wednesday comes around and your supervisor has seemed to have forgotten about this project and have not followed up with you yet on this project. It’s now Friday, and your supervisor still hasn’t asked you anything about this project!

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What went wrong with these situations?
  2. How could you have handled this situation better?
  3. If you were to go back on time, when would you go back to and what email communication would you send and why?
  4. Who was ultimately responsible for this project being completed? Who should have followed up first? The supervisor or you?

If you could go back to Friday the previous week (before the project was due), what would you do differently? Draft an email communication to your project manager.

If you could go back to Tuesday (the day before the deadline), and assuming you’ve done absolutely your best to finish the project but just weren’t able to, what email would you draft to the communication to your project manager? Draft that email now.