Core Value: Go Extra Miles or Over-Deliver

  • C players do a mediocre job of performing the tasks given.
  • B players do a great job of performing the tasks given.
  • A players not only perform a great job on the tasks given but go the extra miles to do things that were not asked (yet).


Scenario 1: 50-hour Project

You have been working on a project for a while and have collectively put in about 50 hours for this project. Your supervisor has asked you to complete task A, B, and C. You have already put in enough time and feel like you've completed all three tasks. After taking a lesson on 'over-delivering', you start thinking about the question: "what more can I do to add more value?" and you come up with a list of 2 other tasks that could make a meaningful difference. You look into these two tasks where one task would take you 10 more hours and another task that would take you 30 more hours. Which task you should do? How would you prioritize your time?

Scenario 2: Managing a Team

You have a team that you're managing. The client you work for has been a great client for you and you have a very strong relationship with the client. The client is reasonable in terms of the workload and expectations and has been satisfied with your team's performance. What would an A player think in these scenarios? What would a B player think in these scenarios?

Scenario 3: High Expectations

You are managing a team and together with your team, you have done wonderful things for the company. You're super proud of your team yet your supervisor doesn't seem to be as excited/happy about your team's performance. You were puzzled for a while until one day you approached your supervisor and had a good heart to heart discussion with your supervisor. You found out that your supervisor had high expectations for you, partly because you also promised a lot of great things for the supervisor from the beginning of the project. You were able to deliver, mostly, but sometimes some of the tasks were not delivered exactly on time or up to the specs required. 90% of your work was good though and no other team could have done what your team could have done. Plus, you and your team were spending extra time every weekend to get these features done. You feel undervalued and underappreciated. Maybe it's time to start looking for another supervisor who can really appreciate the work you're putting in. After all, why is it your fault that the supervisor has such a high expectation from you, right?