Power Outage


You had a sudden power outage for a whole day! You were working on an important project and you were not able to make the progress you needed for the day. You were also not able to put in the hours for the project. The power outage happens on your Friday and only by Saturday morning, you’re able to have power back. You had lots of things planned for Saturday and Sunday and you were looking forward to having this weekend off to spend time with your friends and family. Plus, you’re feeling a bit sick and were thinking of using your Monday as a sick leave anyway.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What communication would you send out to your project manager/supervisor? Would you send this after the power comes back or would you send this communication before the power comes back? How many hours after the power outage would you send this email?
  2. Say you were mentoring someone else in the Village and this person failed to send any type of communication back to the supervisor/team till Monday morning. What advice would you give this person?
  3. How would you make up for the lack of progress and the lack of hours you’ve put into the project? How would you communicate this to the supervisor? Or would you just assume that it’s okay not to make up for these hours as it’s already Saturday your time?
  4. If you missed any important deadlines for the project due to this, how would you make up to your supervisor/team for this lack of progress? How would you communicate this?