Major Error

You were responsible for a lot of important features for the project but something happened where you lost all the user data for the last four weeks. This had really put a big setback for the project and you have suspicions that your website may have been hacked, causing these errors. You have also forgotten to back up the database but you aren’t sure whether you want to communicate this to the client as it may make you look weaker. You admit that you could have done things better on your end to handle these types of scenarios but you were just busy, burned out, and frankly, you were already doing a lot of extra things for the clients anyway! The client is not that technical and doesn’t even know that a database could be backed up automatically so bringing this up may only make the situation worse.

The client is furious and you’re afraid to speak to the client as you know the client will be upset.

Would you wait a few days, until the client cools down, to talk to the client? Would you wait until the client comes and talks to you to arrange a meeting? If you were to draft an email to the client now, what would you say?