A New Project

You are very new to the company and your supervisor has given you a new project. This communication was done over Slack and your supervisor gave you some general instruction for the project but you still had a lot of questions/confusions about the project. Your supervisor was expecting you to finish this project by Wednesday the following week but you haven’t really made that much progress on the project yet, due to other projects you were working on and because your supervisor is known to be extremely busy and you felt shy asking for some time to go over the project.

Please answer the following questions:

    1. What went wrong with this scenario?
    2. What could you have done to improve this situation?
    3. What would you do to rectify this situation?

    If you could have gone back in time to a week before (when the supervisor first gave you that project and you had some uncertainties/questions back then), draft what that email communication would have looked like.