Learn new skills, solve interesting challenges, and see how other community members approached and solved challenges.

Featured Courses

  • Learn to Code Beginner 0/72

    Learn to Code

    by Michael Choi, HackerHero


    Learn how to use fundamental building blocks of programming, including how if/else statements, loops, functions, and variables work.

  • Basic Algorithm Intermediate 0/87

    Basic Algorithm

    by Michael Choi, HackerHero


    Become a better coder by working on basic/intermediate algorithm challenges.

  • Adv. Algorithms & Data Structures Advanced 0/105

    Adv. Algorithms & Data Structures

    by Michael Choi, HackerHero


    Get prepared for technical interviews by learning about recursions, SLL, DLL, Binary Search Tree, Hash Table, Tries, Graphs and etc.

  • Advanced Javascript (beta) Advanced 0/48

    Advanced Javascript (beta)

    by Michael Choi, HackerHero


    Test your knowledge of advanced javascript. Solve challenges and see how others solved them.

  • System Design (beta) Advanced 0/0

    System Design (beta)

    by Michael Choi, HackerHero


    Learn how to design a scalable system. Also, learn about micro-services, Docker, containerization, and cloud native technologies.

  • Games in Javascript Intermediate 0/0

    Games in Javascript

    by Michael Choi, HackerHero


    Learn how to build real games from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. See how algorithms are used to build real applications!

Beta Courses

  • Learn Python 3 Beginner 0/90

    Learn Python 3 (Beta)

    by Michael Choi, HackerHero

    Learn Python 3, one of the most popular programming languages now.