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  • Seemed interested and very essential to being a good software developer. Also, I love learning the tips and knowledge that others have gained over many many years, so I can learn best practices and hopefully get boosted faster than by myself. Thanks!

    Posted 4 years ago
    • To get more depth in programming.

      Posted 3 years ago

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      • I aspire to deepen my comprehension of system design before embarking on this course, confident that it will furnish me with the requisite understanding. I express gratitude in advance for the invaluable insights I anticipate gaining from this endeavor.

        Posted 1 month ago
        • To get more in depth knowledge with how a system is properly designed and executed.

          Posted 2 months ago
          • To learn about system design that could help me build complex projects and applications in an organized and efficient manner.

            Posted 2 months ago
            • To learn the best way to design a system before i start with the capstone

              Posted 2 months ago
              • For me, it is the beauty of knowing how my application works from A to Z.

                Posted 3 months ago
                • I want dip understanding in system design to take this course I believe I'm gain an understanding of the System Design. and thank you and advance for these...

                  Posted 5 months ago
                  • As a product manager, to get understanding of programming and system design .

                    Posted 5 months ago
                    • for my career

                      Posted 6 months ago
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