Why there are so many technologies for web

In the past, I have tried to teach people why there are so many technologies for web. As a teacher, I have been wrestling with what a good analogy to explain this would be as well as how one should look at the technology landscape and know how to navigate through them.

The goals of this video are:

  1. for you to better understand why there are so many frameworks, tools, and libraries.
  2. for you to not get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tools/libraries/frameworks you see
  3. for you to see how all of these frameworks and technologies are inter-related and fit together
  4. to provide a better reference so that when you hear of a new framework, tools, or libraries you have a better mental framework to place each technology in the right bucket for your mind to internalize and process

The analogy may still need to be refined, but as I felt it is important for people not to get overwhelmed with all the buzzwords and technologies being introduced left and right, I wanted to include the video here for your reference:

Any comments?

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  • Good explanationPosted 218 days ago

    • thank you sir! i am always curious on this topic and i found your video explanation very helpful.Posted 206 days ago