Activity #2 Don't Make Me Click

Here’s a simple activity for you to remember and apply the things you’ve learned in this lesson.

Above is a video about creating a new course in Village88 learning platform. Watch the video then identify at least 15 UX  errors and list the ways you can do to make the user experience better by applying the techniques you’ve learned in the previous lessons.

Apply the following principles and techniques to identify the mistakes and to find the right solution in fixing the UX errors in this activity:

1. UX must be clear, simple, and effortless.
2. UX must be user-focused, detailed-oriented, and useful.
3. UX should be effective, satisfying, and appealing.
4. The less clicks and keyboard strokes it takes to navigate through your website, the better.
5. Assign the hierarchy of features and cluster related elements/features together.

You have one hour and thirty minutes to complete this activity. Create a document and please follow the format below. Upload your work as a pdf file and submit at the said time. Good luck.

1. Feature
    Mistake: _________________________________________________________________________
    Reason: __________________________________________________________________________
    Solution: _________________________________________________________________________