How was How comfortable do you feel with the first four core building blocks of software?

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  • HGP

    I have never learned any language before but the site really leads me enjoying learning code like taking puzzles. I didnt realized that I was in a code learning path.Posted 270 days ago

    • I feel OkPosted 141 days ago

      • It helped me understand more on what is happening in the program from every line of codes.Posted 3 hours ago

        • its goodPosted 5 hours ago

          • I wish I learned about this site and back in college. The course really helped me understand and how to approach coding properly. Thank youPosted 8 hours ago

            • it's a nice it helps me learn alotPosted 8 hours ago

              • It's goodPosted 9 hours ago

                • nicePosted 10 hours ago

                  • It's nice it help me to understand how the code runPosted 11 hours ago

                    • Rap

                      Totally awesome! JS rocks! _\m/Posted 18 hours ago