All software are built using 5 core building blocks. These 5 core building blocks are:

  1. variables (including arrays)
  2. if/else statements
  3. loops (including a for loop)
  4. functions
  5. Object Oriented Programming (OOP in short)

This module is specifically built to help you get more familiar with the first 4 building blocks of software.

Before you jump into these challenges, please first visit and finish the 12 levels there (you can skip all the other parts). That module was one of the break-throughs I had while running Coding Dojo that significantly accelerated student's learnings. What usually takes people 20-100 hours to learn, you'll learn in 5-10 times faster by going there first.

Once you have finished, please share what you've learned below.

Optional Materials

I have also written an article with my opinion in which programming language is best to study first. You can read that article here: Core building blocks and which programming language to study first

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How was How comfortable do you feel with the first four core building blocks of software?

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  • HGP

    I have never learned any language before but the site really leads me enjoying learning code like taking puzzles. I didnt realized that I was in a code learning path.Posted 343 days ago

    • I feel OkPosted 214 days ago

      • I feel goodPosted 4 hours ago

        • I like it. It helps me a lot.Posted 10 days ago

          • As a graduate from Coding Dojo, I would say everything about coding dojo is great, and the algo app is nothing short of that.Posted 10 days ago

            • Nye

              Its been a challenge for a cs grad that has no exposure in codingPosted 12 days ago

              • blocksPosted 12 days ago

                • it was goodPosted 23 days ago

                  • greatPosted 23 days ago

                    • Well put together and helpful, I really did learn a lot.Posted 31 days ago