Seek for inspirations on assignment landscape

Assignment landscape is SO important.  Classroom is the real test where you can visibly see if the assignment landscape you designed for the course is effective.  Pay attention to how easily students are understanding concepts.  When you have a classroom time, ask them questions to see if they really understood key concepts.  Have students teach you what they remember about topic A, B, and C.  When you hear them say things that you desired, you know the course is effective.

See if students are struggling and if so, why they are struggling.  Have special sessions to find out why your course wasn't clicking for them.  Try new analogies, try new examples, try anything you can think of to help students.  As you seek for inspirations to help your  students, you will get inspirations and new thoughts.  Try them out and when you discover a better way to teach, follow the promptings.

Sometimes, the promptings are:

  1. removing certain things that were only confusing students.
  2. removing assignments that weren't that effective but that were consuming un-necessary amount of time.
  3. adding new assignments to ease the difficulty level
  4. not introducing certain concepts until later in the course, and waiting until the student has leveled up
  5. trying a new way to explain a concept

Note that almost all of these promptings directly affect the assignment landscape.