Just start writing

When creating a course, a new author often gets into a panic mode.

They think by the end, in their first draft, they need to come up with a perfect course.  In their mind, a perfect course has

  • awesome professional videos throughout the course
  • covers everything that the student must know!
  • has great assignments

In attempt to create this perfect course, they spend months creating a course.  After months, they still have lots of materials they want to add and unfortunately, in a lot of cases, no actual students have actually enrolled in that course yet, where they missed a lot of valuable learnings they could have had.

There is not one single solution for this as there are many principles that need to be used to create an effective course but as a starting point, you can use the following guideline to start:

Start writing first.  Don't worry about videos yet.

Initially, don't even worry about the videos.  First, just start writing your thoughts and organize your course with plain text.  A lot of times, as you write, things will become more clear and you will have a better understanding on how to teach that course more effectively as you start writing the course content and lay out what concepts to teach, in what order, and what key assignments you will have students do.

Laying this out first and then evaluating the flow of your course, all before creating any videos, is the right way to go.  As you write, seek for inspirations, especially inspirations that could really simplify what you're teaching and that could really benefit the students.

For areas that are better explained in video, instead of trying to write all of that in text (which could take you a lot of time and not provide to be that effective), just put a placeholder in text that you'll create a video and lay out some highlights on what you plan on covering in that video.  For example

[[video - talk about A, B, and C here]]

This will serve as a reminder for you, later when you create the videos.