Big O notation

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  • One for loop is better than two, and nested for loops are the devil. Binary search trees are king.

    Posted 4 years ago
    • Big O notation is Used to tell how long the code runs for large amount of data. The bigger the power of N , longer is the time taken to run and it become less efficient.

      Posted 3 years ago

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      • Upon learning Big O Notation, I understand now how algorithm scales with increasing input size. It is also important to consider the time complexity of the algorithm we create, as it can help us determine how efficient our code is.

        Posted 2 months ago
        • It is worth learning about Big O notation because it allows you to measure the time complexity of algorithms and determine their efficiency. Learning about this will also help you make a fast and efficient code.

          Posted 3 months ago
          • I learned that It's important Algorthms and Data Structures as it makes your projects fast.

            Posted 3 months ago
            • Making sure your algorithm is efficient is very important . Big o notation determines how long your algorithm will take to run based on how much data is thrown at it.

              Posted 3 months ago
              • I learned that it is essential for every programmer to know Big O Notation. Having known this concept would give us an idea on what should be avoided and what are the best practices when we are doing our codes.

                Posted 4 months ago
                • I learned how critical to optimize your code especially when handling a large amount of data to reduce the runtime.

                  Posted 4 months ago
                  • I learned that knowing "why" something is coded that way is more important than knowing "how" to do it.

                    Posted 4 months ago
                    • I learned how important it is to structure your code, so that it can efficiently be able to run even with a lot of data.

                      Posted 4 months ago
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