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Congratulation! You've finished the Learn to Code module. Hopefully, you feel a bit more comfortable with the first four core building blocks of software and how to use them.

Introduction to Web Applications

If you're interested in learning how a web application is built, please watch this video:

Once you've watched this video, please go over the following two articles:

  1. HTTP request and response and how web applications work (a written version of what I've explained in the video above)
  2. How to scale a web application to handle an infinite amount of traffic

Although you've just learned how to code, having this context would help you put things into perspectives especially as there are lots of buzz-words out there about programming. Now, you'll have a better idea on how things fit together.

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Next Step

As the next step, please share what you've learned from the video above (as well as the two articles). It always helps to write down what you've just learned (as it helps you retain knowledge faster). Also, you can start the Basic Algorithm module next (after you've shared your key learnings).

What were some key things you've learned from the video (or the two articles)? Any feedback/comments?

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  • The video was great, thanks so much :)Posted 283 days ago

    • good way to practice basic javascriptPosted 281 days ago

      • Excellent tutorial. This is a really solid approach on how to teach students coding.Posted 24 minutes ago

        • best way to learnPosted 38 minutes ago

          • A great way to refresh oneself to Javascript, it was really great for me.Posted 46 minutes ago

            • awesome.Posted 1 hours ago

              • Thank youuuu!Posted 4 hours ago

                • Great info on web development! well explained.Posted 6 hours ago

                  • Thanks for this introduction tp prepare us for web app dev.Posted 7 hours ago

                    • This helped me understand web app development betterPosted 9 hours ago