Reflection Paper

Now, it's time for you to reflect and record your thoughts.

Answer the following questions:

1. What was the most important lesson you’ve learned about UI/UX design? Why?
2. What valuable insights did you gain from taking this course?
3. Regardless of your role and based on what you’ve learned in this course, why do you think it is important to learn about UI/UX design?
4. How do you think this course can help you in fulfilling your role?
5. Is there anything else you've learned from this course that was not outlined in the previous questions?

Answering these questions will help you reflect and better internalize the principles you've learned. Watching videos will only get you about 10% of the knowledge we are trying to pass on. Doing exercises will get you maybe about 50% of the knowledge, but writing things down and reflecting will get you maybe 80-90% of the knowledge. Then by proactively practicing and applying these knowledge, you will then be able to internalize them over time. This means, even if you got 80-90% of the knowledge in your head, if you don't actively practice, only 20-30% of that knowledge your brain observes will become part of you. Even if at one point you had 80-90% of this knowledge, by then, your knowledge diminishes and you'll probably only remember 20-30% of the knowledge you once had.

Spend no more than 15 minutes doing a thoughtful reflection and make sure you answer truthfully. After 15 minutes, please upload your work as a pdf file.