Install Postman

Install Postman


  • To learn how to install POSTman (Desktop Application)
  • To use JSONPlaceholder (A Free Fake API for Testing)
  • To Learn how to send Request and read Response using POSTman

Simply click on this link: to download and install the Postman Desktop version. Make sure you sign up to Postman and then login whenever you use your Postman app.

Your First Postman Request

For this demo, we’ll be using an API that allows us to get fake todos, comments, posts, users, etc.. Now, everytime you want to use an API, you need to understand how to use that API and the best way to start is always by looking at the API documentation. Any API out there that you want to use should have an API documentation that explains how to use that API.

The API that you will be using is called jsonplaceholder:

In the documentation, you will see that the API is available at this specific address:

And here are the list of available endpoints that we can use:


Let’s test the /todos endpoint.

  1. Open Postman
  2. You should be able to see Workspaces. Click on Workspaces and choose My Workspace (the initial/default workspace). Workspace in Postman allows you to organize your work better.
  3. By default, the workspace you clicked will open up an Overview tab. Simply close that tab for now and open a new tab by clicking on the plus + icon.
  4. In the Enter request URL box, paste in this URL:
  5. Click Send (By default, the Request method will be set to GET)
  6. In the lower part of the screen, you will see a Response.

You should see a similar output like below: