Work on the assignment landscape

As you create a course, spend a lot of time thinking how you can cluster similar concepts together where students can learn those concepts within 20 minutes.  That's going to be a challenge but as you try to group concepts that can be internalized in about 20 minutes of time, you'll naturally come up with an assignment landscape where it's broken to a learning unit where we can define a learning unit by

  • similar concepts clustered, all taught within 20 minutes
  • targeted assignments where students have to use concepts taught to build something new

While you do this, you should be thinking the following three areas:

  1. How can I teach these concepts so quickly so that in 20 minutes, students really understand the key concepts and where they think oh, that's not so hard. I can do this!  It looks so simple.
  2. How can I structure the assignments so that in the minimum time required, they get the most learning?
  3. Okay, so based on the current way that concepts are taught and assignments are done, how would the users feel now?  In other words, how does the UX graph look like?  A good introduction of concepts and assignments will improve the learning graph but, does my course look good on the UX graph also?