Teach through the platform

Say a students comes to you and express how he/she is really struggling.  What should you do?

I would

  1. see if anyone else is struggling with that concept
  2. get that group and see if I can understand what's not clicking for them
  3. see if I can teach the concept better/differently
  4. I try until I've either helped them all learn that concept
  5. then I reflect back to see how I could have taught that concept better
  6. then, I update my curriculum so that everyone else who takes my curriculum benefit from the insight I gained from that session.

This way, students served as a guide for me to get additional valuable insights on how I could teach concepts better.  Sometimes, through these sessions, you may also get inspirations on what new assignments you could add to ease the learning gap, or what assignments you could remove, etc.  Follow these promptings.

What you should not do is keep these insights yourself and over and over relay these insights again and again to your new students.  That's wasting their time and your time. 

Typically, whenever I find a better way to teach something, I always update the platform immediately afterwards.