Overview of this course


The goal of this course is to pass down principles on what I think makes a really effective course.  These principles, when used properly, can make a mediocre course a great course.  It should be used intentionally from the very beginning when a course is created as fixing a broken course is much much harder than creating a good course from the very beginning.

If you're passionate about teaching and helping others, you should try to internalize these principles and review these materials frequently. 

How the course is structured

The course is structured as follows:

General Principles - in this section, I will outline what I consider to be core principles for any courses/curriculum regardless of which stage of the curriculum development it's in.  Then, I break the course into three separate sections, based on which stage the course is in.

For topics most relevant for courses that are brand new or courses that haven't been built yet, I put relevant principles and thoughts in the 'Creation' section.

For topics most relevant for courses that have already been created and where it's going through a revision stage, I've added thoughts in the section "Revision".

For courses that have already gone through 2-3 effective revisions, I put some thoughts on what one must think about when the course is in the maintenance mode now and what things to watch out for.  These are found in the 'Maintenance' section.

At the end, I outline several projects a new instructor could do to improve their curriculum development skills.

Who this course is built for

The course is designed for the Village 88 training team.  As Coding Dojo is a company incubated by Village88, we are mindful that Coding Dojo instructors may review this course material also.  For Village88 staff and Coding Dojo staff, you're more than welcome to reach out directly to me for questions/feedbacks.  For others, you can email me if you have specific questions and I will try to answer them when I have time.