Exercise - React (spend no more than 4 hours)

Say you were tasked to create a course on React.js.  The goal of the first version of the course is to teach the "must to knows" and layer these concepts with well thought out assignments to help students internalize core concepts within this framework.

Using no more than 3 hours, create using Google Doc, an outline of the course.  Outline for example, what concepts you will teach and what assignments you will have the students do.  Indicate for each concept/assignment, how long you expect students to spend to read/watch or do the assignment.

For example, your course outline would look as follows:

  1. Concept: ____ (2-4 minutes read)
  2. Concept: ____ (3-5 minutes read)
  3. Concept: ____ (5-8 minutes read/video watching)
  4. Concept: ____ (5-8 minutes read/video watching)
  5. Assignment (30 minutes - 1 hour): Build an assignment where _____, _____ _____ are created.  {{ include wireframes if appropriate }}
  6. Assignment (45 minutes - 1.5 hour) : Build _________  {{ include wireframes if appropriate }}
  7. Concept: ____ (3-6 minute read/video watching)
  8. Concept: ____ (4-8 minute read/video watching)

Then, create the assignment landscape for this course based on the course outline above.  Do your best to gauge the difficulty level of each concept as well as the assignment.  For example, do you have an assignment where they went from being able to connect 2 dots themselves to now having to connect 15 dots, where the learning gap is too steep?  Do your assignments provide enough repetitions of having to utilize concepts learned where it can really be internalized or it is simply having them apply that concept once, never to have to use that concept ever again?

Then, create your learning plot as well as UX plot.

Tweak how concepts are clustered and how assignments are structured until you get the desired assignment landscape as well a the learning/UX plots.  Then present your initial and final visuals to your mentor/supervisor. For example, show how these visuals looked with your first draft of the course outline.  Once you've made changes to the order or the assignments, present how these visuals now look.