Exercise - Assignment Landsacpe I

In this exercise, we want you to draw out the assignment landscape for a few different courses.  This way, you can visually identify how effective each course is, based on my perspective.

The assignment landscape we want you to draw are these three courses:

  1. Python Tutorial - Python's official documentation for learning Python
  2. Python Course - YouTube's most popular course on learning Python
  3. My Python Course - not the one at Hacker Hero, but the one at learn.codingdojo.com or learn.village88.com

When you draw out the assignment landscape,

  • Use black circle to indicate concepts that are presented
  • Use blue circle to indicate assignments introduced by the course
  • Use arrows if the teacher, step by step, connected the dots for the students to show them how to do the assignment.  If the teacher merely introduced concepts but did not connect the dots for the students, then leave the circles as is (meaning don't draw out the arrows)
  • Try to cluster similar concepts together.  Do your best to gauge the difficulty level of the concept.  If you don't know Python, get someone who knows Python and get some help.
  • Once you drew all the black circles, any concepts that are "nice to knows", fill the circle with black.  For any "no need to know" concepts, fill the circle with red color.
  • For each of these three courses, on average, how much time is spent on reading/watching content before students apply these concepts themselves to do assignments?

Submit your drawings and if you're doing this course with another buddy, compare your visualizations.

If you're not familiar with Python, do the same exercise for SQL, PHP, Javascript or Database Design where you compare each official documentation vs Youtube's most popular course for that topic vs the one I have created.  Be wary if you're reviewing a course I originally created but which were updated/modified by other instructors.  Sometimes, other instructors who have added/removed or updated my original course, although they had good intention, added/removed/updated things and significantly altered the assignment landscape, making the course no longer simple and as effective.