Avoid Tutorial-based Training

As you may have already heard from me, I hate tutorial based training.  These lead to developers who rely too much on the tutorials and often do nothing more than training people how to type...  It's inefficient and I hate these courses.  It's simply not effective and I think these type of courses waste tremendous amount of time.

Tutorial based courses visually is structured as follows:

Note that in the graph, concepts are illustrated using circles and y axis represents the difficulty level of that concept.  In a tutorial based course, the curse instructors connects each dot for the student.  A student merely follows instructors and types along with the instructor.  

People do seem to love these tutorials and they flock to them but for you, you need to do everything you can to avoid tutorial based training.  Tutorials don't assimilate how the real world is like where developers are expected to figure things out on their own.  For example, a developer is not going to be given a manual on how to complete a client's project step by step.  A lot of these things will need to be figured out by the developer on their own.

I have seen too many developers who rely on tutorials and how simply piece together other people's codes to build their own.  Tutorial based learnings I think had a big negative part in preventing developers from utilizing their full potential.  In your career as a teacher, do NOT fall into the temptation of creating a tutorial based training, even if a lot of your students seem to love these type more than the other type we'll want you to create.

Stay strong and understand why tutorial based trainings are ineffective and do your absolute best to avoid them.  When students are presented with anything that wasn't similar to what was shown in the tutorial based training, they won't know how to build them.