One of the best ways to improve your programming IQ is to create simple games.  Creating simple games will improve your algorithm skills and help you really see how everything you can think of could be constructed using simple building blocks of software.  When your algorithm works, your game will work, which makes creating a game a really good way to improve and visualize your algorithms in action.

The goal of this course is to introduce you some basic HTML and CSS, and then to have you start creating simple games from scratch.  This exercise will help you get some familiarities with technologies related to web development also.

Who this course is for

This course is written mainly for those new to coding, although those with coding experience would most likely find this course interesting also.  This course would be especially helpful for

  • those who just started learning to code
  • those interested in learning more about web development
  • those thinking about joining a coding bootcamp or thinking about pursuing a degree in CS/IT

Pre-requisites for the course

Before you start this course, please make sure you've completed the following:

These two courses are designed to get you familiar with the first 4 core building blocks of software.