Other Games

Back when I was teaching, I would do a 1 hour demo where I would ask the students to pick any 2-D game they know and where I build a simple starting version of the game in that 1 hour.  Usually, we would look up on Youtube how the game is supposed to work and then create that game from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The goal of this was to show the students how everything could be created using simple core building blocks of software and to boost confidence in the power of these simple building blocks of software.

Below are some of the games that were created in these 1 hour sessions.

Take a look at how some of these games are built.  Note that these games are very simple and doesn't have the full features yet (as I only had 1 hour to create these from scratch while explaining to the students each step of the way).  Note how the basic skeleton of the game was created however and see what you can learn from this.