Here is another game I create where you can see how fundamental building blocks can be used to create a game like 1942.  Watch this video and code alongside it (to get the most benefit).  You'll see my thought process and how coding is really an iterative process.

Once you've watched the video, see if you can make additional features work.  For example,

  1. (Easy) Change the background of the game
  2. (Easy) Get the hero to move up and down
  3. (Easy) Get 7 enemies to show up instead of 4 at a time
  4. (Intermediate) Get another type of enemy airplane to show up
  5. (Advanced) Collision Detection for the airplanes – when the hero collides with the enemy, have your score go down by 500.
  6. (Advanced) Collision Detection for the bullet – Have the score go up by 10 when an enemy is struck down.
  7. (Advanced) Get the enemy to explode when it is hit
  8. (Advanced) When the bullet hits, make a sound.

The images used in the game, you can access by going here: https://github.com/choi5983/1942

Now, do not just down the html file (as the one in my Github may be different than the one shown in the video above).  The best way to learn for this assignment is to build this from scratch.