Big O notation

What are some of the things you've learned from watching the Big O notation video?

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  • One for loop is better than two, and nested for loops are the devil. Binary search trees are king.Posted 259 days ago

    • Big O notation is Used to tell how long the code runs for large amount of data. The bigger the power of N , longer is the time taken to run and it become less efficient.Posted 156 days ago

      • great video!Posted 11 days ago

        • solve the problem, then solve it better with less loopsPosted 80 days ago

          • Learning about Big O notation is usefulPosted 133 days ago

            • how to quickly tell what big O notation your codePosted 153 days ago

              • I have a much better understanding of how to intuit Big O notation and run time complexity based on the code I'm writing.Posted 171 days ago

                • NicePosted 224 days ago

                  • Great material to put the O into perspective.Posted 242 days ago

                    • O(log N) stays close to zero even at large size of N.Posted 247 days ago