Big O notation

Before you start working on challenges, it's important that you understand what a Big O notation is and why this is important.

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What's covered in this video

  1. what Big O notation is (minute 0-2)
  2. visual representation of different O notations (minute 2-4)
  3. (IMPORTANT) building an intuitive sense on how O(N) vs O(log N) vs O(N^2) vs O(N log N) performs in terms of run-time complexity (minute 4-15)
  4. how to quickly tell what big O notation your code is (minute 5 - minute 8)
  5. (IMPORTANT) why understanding data structure and proper recursion is important in terms of getting your code to run a lot more efficiently (throughout the video)

Even if you already know about what a Big O notation is, please watch from minute 4 as I share some interesting perspectives and help you build some intuition around these concepts.

Once you watch the video, please share hat you thought about this topic or post any question you have.

What are some of the things you've learned from watching the Big O notation video?

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  • One for loop is better than two, and nested for loops are the devil. Binary search trees are king.Posted 332 days ago

    • Big O notation is Used to tell how long the code runs for large amount of data. The bigger the power of N , longer is the time taken to run and it become less efficient.Posted 229 days ago

      • By knowing what Big O Notation is very helpful and you can know if an algorithm is fast/slow based on different visual representation of different O notations. And O(log(N)) is very fast. And knowing Big O Notation, my mindset change to always think in the side of Users so they will have a great experience using a program and in a short run time.Posted 19 minutes ago

        • Ira

          I learned that it is important to consider the Big O notation and how we write our code when doing an algorithm . It may produce the same output but it may take longer time to process depending on the way we code.Posted 47 minutes ago

          • Always evaluate and minimize your code to make it more efficient and always fall in the category of k*log(N)Posted 1 hours ago

            • Big O notation, space-time complexity simply describe the general trend or the speed of particular algorithm , how fast it is compared to another onePosted 2 hours ago

              • big O notation is the efficiency of my code to run at a certain amount of time.Posted 2 hours ago

                • Building right algorithm is very big factor in terms of code efficiencyPosted 3 hours ago

                  • Big-O is important to know the complexity of an algorithm in terms of the size of its inputs.Posted 3 hours ago

                    • My big take away from this is, time complexity must be considered over anything in a program. I've learned that developers must consider the efficiency of an algorithm concerning the number of data.Posted 5 hours ago